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Hey there...

I'm Sam Nielsen, watercolor artist & urban sketcher [sometimes known as 'sticker maker', always known as pizza lover]. I started this watercolor journey in 2014 when my college illustration class had a semester long sketchbook project. We had to fill the entire sketchbook and could only use permanent materials; this is where my watercolor journey began. I fell head over heels for the world of urban sketching, did a sketch every day for a year, and now I often travel with a sketchbook in hand. Most of my work is inspired by Minnesota or my love of travel. I like capturing the beautiful north shore scenery, the personality of a sassy seagull, intriguing architecture, and of course...pine trees.

I graduated from MSUM with an art education degree and taught art at an alternative high school for two years. I've sold my artwork at pop-up markets, online, and throughout shops and galleries in northern Minnesota. In May of 2018 I resigned from my teaching position to pursue my career as a full-time artist. I teach watercolor classes on Skillshare as well as local workshops at Hucklebeary, and I also wrote my first watercolor techniques book!

I get such joy from creating, and I love sharing my passion with those around me. One of my goals with this business is to always remember what it feels like at the beginning; no experience, lots of fear and uncertainty, but an uncontrollable desire to create and a curiosity of what 'could be'. Whether it's through a blog post or a sticker, I hope what you find on these pages can be a source of inspiration on your creative path! Thanks for supporting my work and stopping by!

-Sam Nielsen