Interested in a custom piece?

The opportunity to create a one of a kind watercolor piece is a special part of my business! The type of custom work I typically do are house paintings, floral bouquets, pet portraits, and landscapes. Feel free to reach out with any ideas you have, and I will do my best to make your vision come to life. Once you decide on the type of piece you would like as well as the size, send me an email and we can discuss timeline and setting up your custom listing. Below you will find some of the details such as pricing info as well as what I need from you in order to move forward.


It’s helpful if at least one of the photos you provide is the entire house in one photo, from the angle you want it painted. The less I have to piece together what the house looks like as a whole, the better it turns out. I would also ask for a few close up photos if there are any specific details you’d like me to include.


5x7: $60 

8x10: $115 

11x14: $175

16x20: $230

Floral Bouquet

Celebrating an anniversary? Or do you just love flowers? If you would like me to paint your flower bouquet, let’s connect! I will need you to send me one reference photo of the entire bouquet, preferably from an angle that is straight on. One close up photo of the details of the flowers is helpful as well!


5x7: $45

8x10: $90

11x14: $135

16x20: $170

Landscape & Pet Portraits

My pricing is the same for both of these categories. If you are wanting a landscape, it’s helpful if you can send me a reference photo similar to what you had in mind. If you would like a pet portrait, I need one reference photo of your pet in the position you want them painted and one close up of their facial features.


5x7: $50

8x10: $100

11x14: $155

16x20: $210